Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson

Distressing news, the Swiss have refused to extradite Roman Polanski.

"Shamed film director Roman Polanski is set to receive a hero's welcome in France after escaping extradition to the U.S. to face child sex charges.

Mr Polanski was released today by Swiss authorities after spending ten months in prison and then under house arrest in the ski resort of Gstaad. He is thought to be on his way back to France tonight.

Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, Switzerland's Justice Minister, told a press conference in Bern: 'Mr Polanski can now move freely. Since 12.30 today he's a free man
.'" More from the Daily Mail UK.

My feelings about Polanski have not changed. Polanski was indicted on six felony counts, including rape by use of drugs, child molestation and sodomy, but he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of unlawful sexual intercourse. Before he was sentenced he fled to Europe. Sexual intercourse with a minor is rape. Polanski is a rapist. He is now free to roam around France. Shame on France for allowing this fellow to be free in that country. Earlier articles from me are here. and here...

...And then there is Mel Gibson. Here is a Lindsey Lohan train wreck going on and is indicative of how far we as a society have fallen, when these monied elites say and do anything with impunity and given adulation. Where are womens rights groups? Well Mel, you have reached the point where you sound like an inmate, maybe it's time for you to be one... ...and while he did use the N word, Whoopi say your not a racist, but then again she says Polanski in not a rapist...

California needs to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.



Ann said...

Regarding Mel Gibson, I would like to offer a thought. I work for a Congregation of Catholic Sisters (I will not say which ones) who have recently commented and confirmed my own belief that whenever there is something good and holy, or even someone trying to be good and holy, the devil will try to destroy it. I have witnessed this in my own life and in fact came to job within this Congregation as a way of remaining close to God and to women of good moral character. I truly believe that after Mel Gibson released The Passion and gave people a realistic view of the sufferings of Christ, the devil much have been furious. I seem to recall that there were conversions following the release of this movie. My family cannot watch the movie without crying -- this includes my son who was a teenager when the film was released.

My lengthy point is that perhaps we should pray for Mel Gibson that he is able to find his way back to God. I have had my own personal experience with the devil when I was in the midst of my conversion. It nearly wrecked my marriage and when I emerged from it I was so terrified at what I had become that I converted to Catholicism and immediately began working on behalf of Catholic causes. I see my own sufferings in what Mr. Gibson is going through. He is clearly under oppression.

Please consider my remarks and keep Mr. Gibson and his family (both families) in your prayers. God bless.

Brantigny said...

Well you words must have had some effect. It took me a half an hour to post your comment. It is true that satan attacks us.

I have had a similar experience. Fortunatly God gave me a very special and forgiving wife.

Thank you truly and humbly for your comments

Lavard said...

What you fail to mention is that Roman Polanski is of the Chosen people and will get protection from his tribe who control most of Hollywood and the media. Why do you think that Hollywood and the rest of the media keeps saying that Polanski is a great artist and that it happened over 40 years ago? The tribe will protect its own from the gentiles.