Not the PD that Jack Webb used to laud, just thugs in uniform.

On June 25th officers from the LAPD ignored the assault by a light crew working for comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who turned high intensity spotlights on a young protestor. Ryan Bueler, a member of the survivors (those born after Roe v. Wade), was participating in the annual Survivors' Boot Camp which was carrying out a Face the Truth type demonstration on a busy street near Kimmel's studio. Kimmel's crew set up to film a stunt taking place later, but apparently got upset with the young demonstrator who refused to move and turned the lights on him from a distance of several feet. The heat from the spotlight partially melted his sign and a plastic bracelet he was wearing. When an adult participant, Jeff White, attempted to turn the lights away from the teenager, he was attacked and his shirt ripped. LAPD responding to the event arrested White but refused to take any action against the camera crew or the man who ripped White's clothing. After police viewed the video they dropped charges against White but still refused to bring any against the cameral crew. More at Les Femmes-The truth

There is a special ring in Hell rserved for the Officers of the LAPD who act like thugs when they attack any one who is prolife. I was jsut following orders is not going to be a defense before God.

Police use nuhucks to secure pro-life groups.


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