It's a boy!

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June 10, 1688: IT'S A BOY!!

James Francis Edward Stuart, son of James II and VII of England, Ireland and Scotland and Mary Beatrice of Modena was born on June 10, 1688. His birth was denounced by some, including his half-sister Anne, as a fraud with claims a substitute baby boy was brought in a warming pan!

Throughout the history of the Tudor and Stuart dynasties, who had a baby, what gender the baby was, and how long the baby lived had tremendous consequences for not just the succession, but the religious settlements: for instance, Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn both conceived sons for Henry VIII, but they either did not survive to be born or their infancy. We know how drastic Henry's actions were in response to both of these failures--and how crucially they affected the history of religion in England. more...

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