Battle of Patay, 18 June 1429

">...18 June is the anniversary of the Battle of Patay, which was the most overwhelming victory that Joan of Arc achieved in her military career. After the Battle of Orleans the English military leaders were concerned but still confident they could defeat the French when they engaged in combat. After the overwhelming victory by Jehanne la Pucelle at Patay the English leaders realized they were in serious trouble and that Jehanne was a military commander to be feared....more

Patay is considered by many historians to be the English version of France's Azincourt. Joan's forces were approximately 8000 knights and foot soldiers to 3000 Englishmen. The English lost just less than half their number, 1200 approx. to the French 5! 2 of the 3 English commanders, Talbot and Scales were captured. Sir John Talbot being offended at being captured by a mere squire, knighted the man on the spot, and then allowed himself to be carried away.

Joan was in the rear of the troops during the battle, and as she rode through she was taken aback by the sight of so many Christians, French and English killed or wounded on the battle field. It is reported that she dsmounted and held an English knight in her arms until he died. More on the battle of patay may be found at the Xenophone Group including photos of the battle field today.

Montjoie! St Denis!


Art work by Maurice Boutet de Monvel, and is found in his book Joan of Arc.

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