St. Maximilian Kolbe

...Maximilian Kolbe was born in Poland on January 8, 1894 and was baptized on his birth date with the name Raymond. Maximilian (the name he would take in religious life) was a highly intelligent boy, and boisterous, but rather obstinate and self-willed. At about the age of nine, shortly after having made his First Holy Communion, an incident took place that would forever change him. One day in church while he was praying before a statue of Our Lady, Mary appeared to him holding two crowns: a white crown for purity, and a red crown for martyrdom. She asked him if he wanted them and Maximilian responded, “Yes” — he wanted both crowns. After this apparition his mother, Maria, noticed a sudden and profound change in her son: he was meditative, solemn, and often found praying before a statue of Our Lady in their home...more...

Thanks to Credidimus Caritati


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