May 10, 1940

On may 10th 1940 for the 3rd time in 70 years the German nation invaded France. In addition to France the Nazis also invaded Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Neville Chamberlain who had appeased Hitler in September 1938 thus opening up the Czechoslovakia for that country's betrayal and absorbtion in the the "Greater German Reich". He was replaced by Winston Churchill who would remain the prime minister for the duration of the war. He would prove to be the right man in the right place at the right time. Here below I have posted some interesting newsreels from May of 1940.

A French Newsreel from later in may 1940 and an appeal for weapons, especially tanks.

Propaganda from the SCA, Service Cinematique Armee, about the refugees escaping from Belguim and the French hurrying north to stem the German advance.

It is always the refugees which pierce my heart. For little Belgium, a neutral at the beginning of the last war as well, the scenes of 1914 are repeated with a vengeance.

Below a German newsreel from May 1940.

Thus the lesson is then as it is now; Appeasement never works, "If you want peace, prepare for war."


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