Jerusalem - Rare Photos In Pre-War Poland

Jerusalem - Israeli website Bechadrei Charedim has posted a rare series of photographs, depicting Polish Jews before the outbreak of World War II.The web site claims the photos are a Lag B’Omer celebration by Chardei Jews going to pray at the tomb of the Rama, Reb Moshe Isserlis, in Crakow.

VIN News has not independently verified the authenticity of these historic photos, nor the event time of the photos, which are of surprisingly good quality and provide an extraordinary snapshot of Polish life some 70 years ago. They clearly capture the feel of Lag B’Omer long ago, showing the crowds that gathered in honor of the day, including various pictures of people davening at various gravesites and collecting tzedaka.

Some readers have told VIN that these photos have also been published in the past in some Jewish newspapers.
Find photos here...

Loking at these photos I am reminded that although they are 60+ years old, most of these if not all pictured he were victims of the Nazi.


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