It is Poiters undone...

All of the former victories against Islam must be forgotten. Poiters, Jerusalem, the Reconquesta, Lepanto, Vienna, all undone. Birth control, abortion, the "ME" generations of the "60s", and the left have conspired against God and Christianity to hand us over the the Muslim. Forbid it almighty God! Deliver us from evil of Islam.

This video is 2 years old yet nothing has changed, so goodbye to Canada and the France of my ancestors; goodbye Britain, goodbye Holland, Germany, Belguim, Italy, Greece. Goodbye. Our souls for pleasure were given up.


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JP said...

Fear not my Catholic friend. The coming Kingdom of France shall rule the world and put a final end to all the heresy and paganism. Would you happen to know where I can get a counter revolution flag? I want to fly it on July 14 this year and probably just every day