In Flanders Fields, John McCrea, May 1915

While not many veterans have not heard this poem, at least in my generation, the veteran of the Great War knew it. As I read this poem, I am struck by it's pathos and I feel exactly the same way.

Gunnery Sergeant USMC, (ret)
USMC AD, June 27, 1973-Aug 31, 1995


Anonymous said...

My Dear Sir -

I had to memorize this poem while I was a student at Annunciation Grade School back in the 1970s. It never fails to move me. My teacher told us that it was written by a devasted veteran in honor of a dear friend who had been killed, and it was written in his voice.

Thank you for this.

Susan from Akron

Brantigny said...

I as a veteran could not find words as noble as these to repeat.