If my posts of late have been a bit sparse I apologize regretfully. I have entered into a period of discernment, with regards to entering the Deaconate. This process is long and arduous for me and I ask that anyone who reads this will remember me with just one Hail Mary.

Two weeks ago I attended my physician, who asked me to set up an appointment to have some test taken. That was on a Tuesday April 27, 2010. I set up an appointment for the following Tuesday May 4, 2010, but as I was leaving The woman told me that she had made a mistake and that Tuesday was all filled up. On the day of the killing I was called at the last minute not to come in, but it wasn't until the next day that I found out why. The actual story is here...

On the previous Thursday while at dinner with my parish Priest, I was asked by Him to consider the Deaconate. I had long contemplated it but I have never been able to come to a decision.

I believe that God has sent his angels to protect this worthless sinner on several occasions. God doesn't always work in great wondrous ways. It just takes some contemplation to see those wondrous things he does. I have long asked God, why I have survived, a war and an insurrection, aircraft accidents, fires, explosions, and missles, and cancer. He has sent me dreams. Just tell me, Lord.

He has always dragged me kicking and screaming down the isle to the altar. As I write this I see what an idiot I really am. I have been chased by the Hound of Heaven.

My wife will have to agree with the decision if I find God is calling me. She is a miracle too. We never dated, I met her and God told me this is the one. She has been a faithful, long suffering and forgiving woman. She has watched me go on numerous campaigns and each time met me when I returned home.

Mary Immaculate, Pray for me.



Matthew Palardy said...

I too have been through, and am still somewhat in the midst of, this undertaking of discernment, and "long and arduous" scarcely even begins to describe it.

I'll be sure to remember you in my prayers, Richard.

Brantigny said...

I am now daily besieged with demons, since I announced I was searching. The accuser hovers about, reminding me of every moment of my life, and all of my failings, and belittling my victories in Christ.