Avi Lipkin on Islam the Religion of Peace and conquering the world.

...On the one hand, there is this deception around the world that Islam is a religion of peace, but Islam calls itself the Religion of the Sword or in Arabic "Din e-seif". No Arabic speaking Moslem will deny this. Allah al-Ilahi is the moon god, the sword god and the war god. The god Allah is "greater" than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who is considered a weak, sissy love and peace God. Their god, Allah, is the macho sword and war god. This is the true meaning of the Moslem call to prayer "Allahu Akbar" or Allah is greater, greater than the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

According to Christian theology, it was the Lucifer, Satan, the angel fallen from grace who said he was "greater" than God. Allah therefore can be considered a form of Satan. It is interesting that as a Jew, I cannot preach this theology in synagogues, but I do in churches of all denominations, and this concept of God vs. Satan/Allah is accepted as theologically sound and in conformance with Christian theology...


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