Abbe Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit tells the story of a juring priest and regicide Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes. Given the opportunity to become a martyr, he betrayed his faith for the Cult of Reason.

...Maximilian Robespierre and Louis Legendre—the French butcher smiling at the work of destruction, and giving directions to the executioner; on the left pannel will be represented a Jacobin club with red nightcaps (here) on, or, as the French Democrats enrages termed them, bonnets rouge de la liberte: this assembly will be sitting in judgment, and passing sentence on their fellow-citizens, whom they mean to send by wholesale to the Guillotine... more...

Thanks Joseph. A US Navy Commander I once knew had occasion to say, "Anyone can be used as an example, some good, some bad." This is a bad example.

Vive le Roy!


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