Vatican makes peace with the Beatles

John Lennon flashes the satan sign.*

I am not sure that Giovanni Maria Vian is quite right in his Catholic mind. I could not just read this and just let it go.

The article states. The Beatles "...took drugs; swept up by their success, they lived dissolute and uninhibited lives..," not to mention they lives were sexually scandalous. John Lennon in his song "Imagine" says "Imagine there's no Heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people, Living for today..." Is this a Catholic message? NO! Is it now that the Church will wait 30 or 40 years and rehabilitate them?

What about this Album cover which shows the "Fab Four" in butcher's clothes with doll parts and bones on their lap. "...This horrendous picture clearly refers to the kind of infanticide that takes place in Satanic rituals and Devil worships..." more on John Lennon’s Pact with Satan.

By ALESSANDRA RIZZO, Associated Press Writer Alessandra Rizzo, Associated Press Writer – Mon Apr 12, 10:50 am ET

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican has finally made peace with the Beatles, saying their drug use, "dissolute" lives and even the claim that the band was bigger than Jesus are all in the past — while their music lives on.

Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano paid tribute to the Fab Four in its weekend editions, with two articles and a front-page cartoon reproducing the crosswalk immortalized on the cover of the band's album "Abbey Road."

The tribute marked the 40th anniversary of the band's breakup.

"It's true, they took drugs; swept up by their success, they lived dissolute and uninhibited lives," said the paper. "They even said they were more famous than Jesus," it said, recalling John Lennon's 1966 comment that outraged many Catholics and others.

"But, listening to their songs, all of this seems distant and meaningless," L'Osservatore said. "Their beautiful melodies, which changed forever pop music and still give us emotions, live on like precious jewels."

It is not the first time the Vatican has praised the legendary band from Liverpool.

Two years ago, Vatican media hailed the Beatles' musical legacy on the 40th anniversary of the "White Album." And last month the Vatican paper included "Revolver" in its semiserious list of top-10 albums.

Now, L'Osservatore says that the Beatles' songs have stood the test of time, and that the band remains "the longest-lasting, most consistent and representative phenomenon in the history of pop music."

Giovanni Maria Vian, the editor in chief of L'Osservatore Romano, said Monday that he loves the Beatles.

He said that at the time of Lennon's sensational statement, Osservatore "commented that in reality it wasn't that scandalous, because the fascination with Jesus was so great that it attracted these new heroes of the time."

No, I for one do not think it is time to rehabilitate the "Fab Four."


*The fact that Paul McCartney is flashing the symbol of Christian perfection in no way diminishes the symbol flased by Lennon.

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