..Vaguely familiar..

The following excerpt form today post on Tea at Trianon, sounded vaguely familiar to me today as it reminded me of a "Christian Service" on the radio one late night.The same argument is made by several denominations.

...In the first place, they usually say of themselves that they are good Christians, who do not swear, or lie, or speak evil of others; that they do not kill any man or animal, nor anything having the breath of life, and that they hold the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel as the apostles taught. They assert that they occupy the place of the apostles, and that, on account of the above-mentioned things, they of the Roman Church, namely the prelates, clerks, and monks, and especially the inquisitors of heresy persecute them and call them heretics, although they are good men and good Christians, and that they are persecuted just as Christ and his apostles were by the Pharisees... more.

“Plus ça change, plus çe la meme chose”.
"The more things change, the more they stay the same".

There is no such a thing as a new heresy...


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Thank you for the link, Richard!