The Nazi, Vatican connexion

There is a movement abroad to indict Pope Pius XII with teh Nazis, going so far as to concoct wild conspiracies, and producing photographs of Cardinals and Nazis shaking hands as proof of the friendliness of the "Vatican and Nazis". These conspiracies conclude that this friendliness must indicate colusion in the perscution of the Jews. "Why everyone knows that Pope Pius XII didn't do enough to prevent the killing of the Jews."

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NEW YORK, APRIL 16, 2010 (Zenit.org) .- An interreligious group trying to discover the facts regarding Pope Pius XII and his efforts to help Jews during World War II has announced the discovery of documents showing how the Church excommunicated Catholics who joined the Nazis.

The New-York based Pave the Way Foundation said that its representative Michael Hesemann found a large series of documents from 1930 to 1933.

The documents indicate that any Catholic who joined the Nazi party, wore the uniform or flew the swastika flag would no longer be able to receive the sacraments.

This policy set three years before Hitler was elected chancellor made clear that the teachings of the Church were incompatible with Nazi ideology.

"The documents clearly show an ideological war between the Catholic Church and National Socialism already in the pre-war decade," Hesemann explained. "The German bishops and the Roman Curia considered the Nazi doctrine not only as incompatible with the Christian faith, but also as hostile to the Church and dangerous to human morals, even more than Communism."

Among the documents is a handwritten letter from a leading member of the Nazis, Hermann Goering, requesting a meeting with Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pius XII), which was flatly refused.

There are also documents asking for a removal of the excommunication, which was also denied.

Gary Krupp, president of Pave the Way, characterized these documents as "very significant."

"Michael Hesemann has been diligent in researching the open archives and has been discovering new important documents with every visit," he said. "His research tells a very different story of Eugenio Pacelli or Pope Pius XII than is commonly known."
When asked why this information is not currently known by many historians, Pave the Way chairman Elliot Hershberg noted that "according to the archives sign-in sheets, most of these historians and scholars have simply not come to the open archives to research 65% of Pacelli's ministry."

Venerable Pius XII, Pray for us, and those who use calumny, against you and the Church.



Gabriel Wilensky said...

This is odd indeed. These documents were open and no one ever found them until now, even when so many scholars scoured the archives, and even when the Vatican itself attempted to clear Pius' name by publishing 11 volumes of documents? The Vatican didn’t think these were important or relevant?

The explanation is that this is another attempt to mislead. Pure and simple, this is disinformation. It is intended to make the lay public believe that the German Church opposed the Nazis. This is a half truth, because even though it is true that the church had a ban on membership to the Nazi Party, and that those who persisted in becoming members of the party even after warning them were to be denied admission to the sacraments, the ban was in effect only until shortly after Hitler became chancellor in 1933 and after Cardinal Pacelli, then to become Pope Pius XII, made overtures to Hitler which led to the signing of the Reichskonkordat shortly afterwards. This article and Pave The Way Foundation are not making this all-important point on timing clear, and I think it’s appropriate they are asked why. So, Mr. Hasemann is technically correct when he states, “The documents clearly show an ideological war between the Catholic Church and National Socialism already in the pre-war decade. The German bishops and the Roman Curia considered the Nazi doctrine not only as incompatible with the Christian faith, but also as hostile to the Church and dangerous to human morals, even more than Communism.” Again, this was true before 1933 when Hitler took power. After that, the German Catholic Bishops said,

“Without therefore departing from the condemnation of certain religious and moral errors voiced in our earlier measures, the episcopate believes it has ground for confidence that the general prohibitions and admonitions mentioned above need no longer be regarded as necessary.”

Once the German bishops had lifted the ban, that opened the floodgates to membership in the party and millions of Catholic Germans joined. From that point onwards the growth of the party and the pursuit of its evil policies went on unimpeded. The Church never saw fit to clearly denounce these policies, not even once the nature and extent of the genocide those policies led to became clearly understood. And as opposed to the swift and generalized excommunication of all Communists in the world in one stroke, which the Church had no qualms to do after the war, the Church never threatened to excommunicate nor excommunicated any Catholics who were part of the genocidal rampage against the Jews. Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Bormann, and many others in the Nazi hierarchy died as Catholics.

Gabriel Wilensky
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Brantigny said...
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Brantigny said...

Gabriel thank you for your comments. You have your opinion of the Vatican and I have mine. Your comments pre-suppose that the Vatican has alterior motives in releasing these documents. That is an opinion you have. I will not be able to convince you otherwise. I liken it to Roswell conspiracy theories, being all evidence is against a conspiracy therefore there must exist one. No. I take this article on it's face.

It is evident you are not Catholic, otherwise you would have not mentioned Hilter, Goebels, Himmler et al dying as Catholics. This is not true, as all had regected the faith or by their actions excommunicated themselves.

I often wonder why the Jews of Europe allowed themselves to be lead like lambs to the slaughter. I am not a Holocaust denier. You will know I think that not only Jews died by the hand of the Nazis.

I have visted your blog.