Mark Wahlberg, good Catholic moral example.

There is hope for Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg, American actor and Oscar nominee, a well-known rapper (with the stage name of Marky Mark) and model known for controversy in the past, said that he did not star in the films Brokeback Mountain and Ocean's 11 at the insistence of his confessor, Fr James Flavin.

Brokeback Mountain was about a homosexual love affair and these relations contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, although the film received three Academy Awards, the actor has no regrets about his refusal, according to the British website Showbizspy.com. One of his closest friends said, “Mark is a practising Catholic, so he never takes a final decision regarding his roles without securing a blessing from Fr James”. At the same time, over the entire course of his career, Mark believes that he owes much to Fr James. “Fr James has had a huge impact on my life. He always tried to put me on the right path. Without him, everything would have been much worse”, he said.

Recently, Rev Flavin advised the actor to accept a role in Martin Scorsese's The Departed, and, in the end, Mark received an Oscar nomination for his role. In the past, Mark was crude and violent, but now he is a model family man and he and wife are raising four children. He was married to his wife, model Rhea Durham, in a Catholic church in Beverly Hills.



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