Really bad vestments

These are not bad vestments.
Fr. Tim Finigan of Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen, England, has sent me to "Bad Vestments". The vestments displayed there are bizarre. I am aware that in great part the photos shown therein are the exception rather than the rule, I should add thankfully. A large part of the vestments are from the Anglican or Episcopalian ecclesiastic communities. This is unfortunate enough in itself but some are also worn by Priests of the Catholic faith. What were they thinking. The above Vestments are not to be found on that site.

It is said that St John Vianney dressed in rags except at Mass, when he would wear the most exquisite vestments. "...The Cure d'Ars was a man of great simplicity and poverty, truly one who lived in utmost sacririce but when he started re-organizing his parish and was asked by donors to choose liturgical materials he chose the best of the best available within his reach. And he explained that the Lord of Heaven and Earth deserves no less. The people of Ars understood and accepted it with love. We cannot be superfluous but we shall give our best for the Lord. It is His Mass not ours, so we will serve Him if we lack in something He will provide Himself..."(1)

Thanks to Fr. Tim.


The below photos can be found on "bad Vestments".

Never light a candle from the wrong end.

I wonder who he's routing for in the Super Bowl. He could be advertising my Blog.

Got everbody covered? This is what Ricky Bobby wears now that he stopped racing Nascar and went into preaching. Confused clergy trying to be the priest for everybody and end up not even being for Christ.

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I think she forgot the transinentalist christian science math club! LOL!