The pesky problem of sin..

As you know the readings from the past Sunday, the 3rd in Lent (C)* surrounded redemption.

Our deacon delivered the homily. He is well spoken, but rather reticent on occasion, (as in opposition to me). His homilies however are direct and to the point, which is how I know that when he speaks it is the Holy Spirit speaking through him.

Our two holy priests are not from this country. In keeping what has become de rigeur the diocese has posted 2 priests from other countries, Kenya and Philippines to our parish. I am sure both of them a destined for sainthood. We are very thankful for them. According to the daecon, these priests queried him and asked him why no one shows up to confession but everyone comes to communion. Deacon answered that it was because in America no one sins...(1)

He was right, the American Catholics and Catholics around the world have been led astray after VCII by "Modernistic" bishops, priests, religious and laity. These wolves easily convinced the flock that, "... what the Church has been teaching through out the century's was outmoded and encased in ritual." Many of those who were of the generation before mine the so called greatest generation, (a term I dislike to the fullest) were glad to see the Latin go, the teachings watered down, sin became a matter of conscience and the mystery and majesty not lost but thrown away It was just so hard to do all these things the Church required after all we are all going to heaven anyway so why get bent around the shaft over it.

Let me examine this for a moment. I was 12 when the Novus Ordo was promulgated, and Latin has all but disappeared. We have thus had a languge shift though some would say this is a linguicide . Although written about during the time of the promulgation of the Novus Ordo as a mere movement into making the Mass more understandable, it was a in fact a cover up to remove the mystery and majesty of the Church, and the Mass. There are few Catholics under 50 who remember celebrating a High Mass, sung in Latin. Latin was the language which bound the "Roman" Catholic Church, but know we have separate Masses for Hispanics, Filipinos, Kenyans, Koreans etc... I can't really understand why we are called catholic, because in reality it is not. ( I also hate the term Extraordinary Rite to denote the latin Mass. I am somewhat less bothered by the use of "Traditional Catholic Mass").

Some of the consequences have been, decreased Mass attendance. I am sure someone will comment and say the Mass attendance had already been declining throughout 40's. Maybe this is true, or maybe it is a doctoring of history. We were at war in Europe and Asia for half of the 40's, and lack of attendance may be accounted for simply because those returning from the war saw this as a continuation of their military experiences. They possibly saw this a regimentation. This being said, we further chased Catholics out by confusing them with the experimentation of the 60's. I remember them, balloons and posters in the sanctuary, "I'm ok you're ok" homilies given by priests to insure that no one got offended and thereby reduce the donations on Sunday.

If you present a homily which downplays sin, then the train of thought naturally progresses to "...there really isn't any sin, unless I think it is," mentality.

When I teach the Confirmants I have a group of questions to see if they understand what the commandments say. My question about the 7th (Catholic) Commandment is this, Can you keep a penny if you find it on the street?(2) Think about that question, and consider it from a totally Catholic perspective. My answer is below. The answers I get are pretty indicative of their not realizing what sin is.

The beginning of the end for the Mystery and Majesty began when the "experimentation" of differnt types of liturgies. Puppet masses, ballon masses, masses on the beach, childrens masses (when the emphasis went from masses for the children to masses by the children,) time limits on homilies, Communion on the hand, Communion under two species, the use of bread baked for communion. I deplore the lack of decorum in dress in males and females (sometimes I think a biker rally just ended), lack of decorum in language, the introduction of cell phones into churches by irresponsible parishoners. I also deplore the chewing of gum while going up to Communion, AC/DC tea shirts, and mohawk haricuts and dancing in the Church. I actually hate it when the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the person of Christ is removed to a hiding place in a "Euharistic Chapel" as if it wasn't HIS Church.

On Saturday I went to a parish in Danville to attend my yearly certification as a Cathecist in the Diocese of Richmond. While is was well presented, one of the diocese instructors cause me concern in speaking of the magesterium mantion that the Church had erred on the subject of slavery. I don't know about you but the church in the guise of the magesterium is always free from error. After that little bombshell I lost interest in her talk. She did not, after being called on that during the luncheon break, either appologize or make a retraction.

This story demonstrates the Modernistic" view of the church which is found in many diocese in this country. Pope Pius X on September 1, 1910 prumulgated an "">Oath Against Moderism. Sometime after VCII the oath was dropped. Maybe it should be brought back out and taken by Cathecists.

I offer some remedies, ...frequent reception of the Eucharist. ...Priests should act like Priests, (At another parish where I went, the parish priest would take time of from celebrating Mass to play in golf tournements, he was known as a good golfer but not as a good pastor), nuns like nuns, move the Blessed Sacrement to the Altar where HE belongs and not hidden in a room. ...Emphasis the decorum of receiving Communion at Mass. ...Change the word Altarserver to Altarboy as they are the first seedbed of vocations to the priesthood.(3) ...Return to latin to unify the Church and don't leave it to the pastor to decide. ...Train Cathecists in Cathecism, (it is unbelievable how many Catechists do not know what the churches teaches, and while they serve with all good intentions, they teach error becuse that is what they were taught.) Focus on Prayer, the Eucharist, and Faithfulness to the Magesterium and the True faith.(4)

As my friend Robert Banaugh says, "...If you were right then, we are right now. If we are wrong now, you were wrong then..."


Isaiah 55:1-9, Psalm 63:1-8, 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, Luke 13:1-9.

(1) At a Christmas reconcilliation at our sister parish 4 Priests were asked to hear confession and only 2 parishoners came.

(2) The answwer is, "Since everything belongs to God ultimately, the coins belongs to God, therefore it would be wise to just put it in the collection basket. God will distribute the money as He sees fit. I use it to illustrate that every action we do has a consequence. It is hard to believe their faces when I tell them the answer. I also hear a lot of what ifs...

(3) As the Cathecist who trains the altarservers, I ask the males to serve, the female have to volunteer. It may be thought of as being sexist but it is not. we need more priests in the church.

(4) Let us stop the teaching of opinion and the return to the what the church says.

I am not a "TradCath". If I had a term to denote my thinking, it would be orthodox.

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