Elena-Marie has placed two small article in her blog enumerating the major heresies specifically Catharism and the crusade against Catherism. She has researched Catharism for her latest book "The Night's Dark Shade" which is set during the period of the Albegensian crusade in the 13th century. from this article we are provided a link to a site which lists for the reader (an actually abreviated list) of heresies.

A study of Catholic theology demonstrates there are no new heresies, just the same old ones reboxed like old shoes and sold to unwary buyers. There was a time when the church took an active part in the countering of heresy, as was done in the 12th century crusade on Catharism. Of course this being the twenty first century, heresies have a weapon which is hard to combat, apathy.

The latin phase "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius" -"Kill them all, god will knows his own", has been used by evangelical sects, (as well as by some Catholics) to show that the church was backward in dealing with heresy. Indeed I listened to a radio program late one Sunday night to a radio evangelist say that the catholic Church murdered "the Christian" Cathars of France with little pity and no Christianity. This misrepresentation of the Catholic Church and shallow explanation of Catharism had me screaming at the radio, ...fortunately I was alone in the truck. This is just the same nonsensical tactic that the uniformed use to "define" catholicism, as killers of "true Christians" and as pedophiles. Elena-Marie points us to the history of the Albigensian Crusade, here. I hate to confuse them with the facts, their miond being made up and all.

I should like to remind the reader that heresy was considered treason and Catharism was especially so since it rejected all authority. Rejection of authority meant rejections of both God as well as those in authority, both religious and feudal. It was a dangerous sect not only to the social order but to the church.

Thanks an a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria.



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Thank you, Richard, for the link and the mention. I appreciate it deeply!

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It is nothing, and a joy to further your writing.