The French regret over losing the franc has grown.

The French regret over losing the franc has grown.

According to an Ifop poll(the French version of Gallup)for Paris Match, 69% of the French polled have nostalgia for the franc. The poll came out this month.

of those polled, 47% of the persons questioned said they regret it "a lot", 22% regret it "a little" and only 31% "not at all".

Nostalgia has never been so strong since the introduction of the Euro, on 1st January 1999.* In February 2002, only 39% regretted the changing franc, and in June 2005 that rose to 61% according to the Ifop polls.

The original article from Le Figaro may be found here.

The franc has been identified with France since 1360 when it was introduced by John II of France. The introduction of the Euro was in my humble opinion one of the biggest mistakes France and Europe ever did. By it's introduction it required the more affluent countries to back the economies of the poorer ones. We have witnessed this in the bailout of Greece by Germany in recent weeks. In effect it was one of the last steps in the destruction of the sovereignty of France and the other countries not a part of the European Union. What is next the introduction of a common language?

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* The original Le Figaro article has it as 2009 it should read 1999.

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