Father of the Nation

Elena-Maria has this article in her blog. Louis XVI was the Father of the Nation, as much as any man is the father of his family. In an earlier post I demonstrated how the plan of God for Divine Governance could be described in a series of triangles, the third and fourth of these is that of the King for his people and of a father for his children. So in a real sense the king is the father of the nation.*

“The country was horrified by his death, and all the provinces utterly opposed to what happened in Paris. He was the Father of the nation.” a spokeswoman later explained. Certainly those present, as we approached the Eucharistic liturgy, seem wrapped in sorrow, the atmosphere heightened by the white tapers in gilded brackets that light the Chapelle, suffusing its pale stone with a golden glow. As I handed round the collection basket – at the request of a lady in a fur hat - I sensed I was intruding on a private grief. more...

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*Tsar Nicholas II was called by his subjects "Little Father".

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