Dining In Public

The Royal Family always dined in public. Elena-Marie tells us about how Marie-Antoinette changed this custom via Madame Campans memoires...

"...One of the customs most disagreeable to the Queen was that of dining every day in public. Maria Leczinska had always submitted to this wearisome practice; Marie Antoinette followed it as long as she was Dauphiness. The Dauphin dined with her, and each branch of the family had its public dinner daily. The ushers suffered all decently dressed people to enter; the sight was the delight of persons from the country. At the dinner-hour there were none to be met upon the stairs but honest folks, who, after having seen the Dauphiness take her soup, went to see the Princes eat their bouilli*, and then ran themselves out of breath to behold Mesdames at their dessert..." more.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Elena-Maria. It just occured to me that I should refrain from thinking about food during lent.




Anonymous said...

Your reflection on this repulsive custom was sufficient to stop my thinking about food. :)

Brantigny said...

It was transparency.