D'Artagnan, Aramis, And the Jesuit

Joseph Fromm has added this article to his blog. I love the story of the Three Musketeers. The excerpt he has entered concerns a discussion in latin about blessing with the hands and fingers. Continuing from there, the reference allows the characters to expound on the Jansenist heresy. As we have seen there is no new heresy. Joseph's article is found here...

Aramis, whose chararcter has been portrayed as being religious, is in fact very familure to us all. He is someone who "affects" a great knowledge of theology yet is bound by his own pride as being one who is unaccountable for his presumption. This is the sin of pride. Even the warning form the Jesuit does not deter him from his leaning towards Jansenius teaching. In this he is not alone. In one of the most profound heresies to attack the "First Daughter" before the heresy of secularism and the French revolution, Jansenism came the closest to destroying the true faith. Famous names as Antoine Arnauld, Pierre Nicole, Blaise Pascal, Jean Racine. The Arnauld family in particular was deeply involved in this heresy. Members of this family formed a religious aspect as among the family were at least 4, Marie Angelique Arnauld, Abbess of Port Royal, Agnès Arnauld, also an Abbess of Port Royal, Henri Arnauld, the bishop of Angers, Antoine Arnauld, a theologian, philosopher and mathematician. As I teach in my classes in prison, not everyone who speaks with authority, is an authority.

Another article from Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit on Calvinism may be found here. The Jesuit order was instumental in exposing Jansenism and the error that it spread.

Jansenism was condemned by the Pope Urban VIII in 1642 by"In eminenti".

More on the Musketeers may be found here.

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Joseph Fromm for changing the direction of my thought today.



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