The Catholic Church in Holland has ceased to exist.

Cowards, you are an abomination.

Dutch homosexuals call off disruptions as parish backs down on Communion (original article)

March 03, 2010

Militant homosexuals in the Netherlands have called off plans to disrupt worship at a Catholic parish in Den Bosch, after receiving assurances that the parish would not deny Communion to open homosexuals.

The dispute in the Sint-Jan parish began when a priest denied the Eucharist to a noted homosexual activist. Last Sunday a large group of homosexual activists, some wearing pink fright wigs, attended Mass at the parish, planning to present themselves for Communion. When the pastor decided not to distribute Communion, to avoid a disruption, the group marched out of the church in protest.

The parish has now announced that members of the congregation will be asked to decide for themselves whether they are properly disposed to receive Communion.

Evidently Moral Courage is not a strong point with the Dutch clergy.

Have you forgotten who the Eucharist is? May God have mercy on your souls.



Matthew Palardy said...

I too have been following this situation in shock and horror. It's one thing if one is homosexual but is modest about it, struggles with it, and approaches the altar with the attitude of "God have mercy on me, a poor sinner." It's quite another to do so while absurdly costumed or bearing the marks of "gay pride," like the rainbow sash-wearers in Minnesota some years ago.

Holy Mother Church has no place for any sort of pride, for it is perhaps the deadliest of sins. Shame on the gay activists for their lack of humility and on the clergy for their cowardice in the name of false tolerance. I had come to expect this from every other social institution in Holland, but the Church?

It's exactly that attitude that is making Geert Wilders so incredibly popular in Holland now.

Joseph Fromm said...

This a crazy story is it not? It seems to be a long hatched plot.

Anonymous said...

Let those Dutch gays rave on while there's still Christianity to kick around. Muslims will get them, eventually.