The Abuse Scandal: Fact and Fiction

Elena-Maria posts...

...None of this is to suggest that the vast majority of allegations aren't truthful. But the conclusions that are routinely drawn from revelations of sexual abuses are often wrong (e.g., celibacy is the problem, or sexual-abuse rates are higher among the Catholic clergy than, say, rabbis or public-school teachers) or deliberately provocative (e.g., Pope Benedict's brother admits to slapping boys when he was a choir director, therefore it's certain that he knew that a previous choir director had sexually abused some boys, and thus obviously Pope Benedict engaged in a cover-up to protect his brother)... more...

Abuse in the Catholic Church is the direct result of liberal clergy. It is harder to pass and interview for garbage collector in Chicago than it is for a homosexual to be admitted to a seminary.

A Yahoo! report...

In most sex abuse cases the predator priest is called a pedophile. This is not true, as in the case linked above the perpitrator is a ephebophile or a pederast, in other words a homosexual man who is attracted to post-pubescient male. These are homosexuals. It is the homosexual culture that promotes the word pedophile so as to disassociate it with the word homosexual, as if there was a difference. See pederast.

How do I know this? It is because I manage the case of men who were found guilty of crimes against nature, and i deal with them on a daily basis.

BTW, If I was unruly in class and sent to the office, If the pastor was there I was spanked by a priest. I did not then hold a grievance towards them or the nuns for disciplining me. All of which I pray God that they have passed through purgatory and are in the Beatific Vision.

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