"Paris vaut bien une messe"

It was on this day in 1576 that Henry of Navarre abjured Roman Catholicism in order to join the Huguenot forces.

With the encouragement of the great love of his life, Gabrielle d'Estrées, on 25 July 1593 Henry permanently renounced Protestantism, thus earning the resentment of the Huguenots and his former ally, Queen Elizabeth, but clearing the way to the Throne of France on 27 February 1594.

Dieu le Roy!

I have made an error in this article which I have corrected, I apollogize.


Thomas W. Evans said...

It was on this day in 1576 that he *abjured* Catholicism; he converted in 1593.

Brantigny said...

Thank you Thomas I have corrected my error. This is what happens when I get busy doing two things at once.