Louis XV, King Of France, Bien-Aimé

"Try to remain at peace with your neighbors. I have loved war too much."Some of the last words of Louis XIV

Unexpectedly surviving the death of most of the royal family between 1711-1715, which saw the deaths of Louis XIV and the three following members of the line of succession, Louis XV enjoyed a favourable reputation at the beginning of his reign and earned the epithet "le Bien-Aimé" ("the Beloved"). In time, his lack of morals, general inability to effectively reform France and the Monarchy, and the perceived failings of his foreign policy caused him to lose the admiration of his subjects and when he died he was one of the most unpopular kings of France. He was the dominant political figure during the Ancien Régime. His failures in multiple wars and his bad financial policies damaged the power of France, weakened the treasury, discredited the monarchy, and led to the French Revolution which broke out 15 years after his death.

Today is the anniversary of his birth, February 15, 1710.

Dieu Sauve le Roy!

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