Locks of Hair

Once I stayed in Hocking County, Ohio. It was during this period I was asked to help pack up some thing in an attic of an old farm house. Everything in this house was an antique. It was like stepping back into the past. One of the things I found was a old box which was full of cards upon which were strands of hair weaved by the owner as a non-photographic carte-de-visite or by a grieving family member with the hair of a loved one. All the cards were signed and dated. It was a gold mine of historic memorabilia. I will never forget it. No one who had sent these cards were living when I saw them all the dates were from between 1850 and 1880, it was the last visible vestage of their lives.

Elena-Maria has posted today and interesting link on the entwined hair of louis XVII and Marie-Antoinette. Here then below is the last visable vesatge of the martyred royal family.



Matterhorn said...

It is so touching to see those locks of hair.

Kelly said...

As a former French teacher, I love reading your blog. I had to do a triple-take on this post though, since I grew up in Hocking County, OH and was NOT expecting to see that destination on your blog.

It truly is a small, intertwined world, isn't it? :-)

Kelly in Ohio

Brantigny said...

For a history buff it was a great place, but being a farmer was not for me! Suag grove was the quietest place I have ever been, til I moved to Vance county.

Thanks for reading my Blog!