Kiss-in at Notre Dame de Paris

By James Tillman

PARIS, FRANCE, February 15, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) --

French homosexualist demonstrators had planned to have a "kiss in" in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris this Valentine's day. But in response to the protests of a group of young French Catholics and patriots, it was moved away from the church of Our Lady.

The kiss-in was ostensibly meant to combat “homophobia.” The organizer of the kiss-in, Arthur Vauthier, had nevertheless said that it was a "way to challenge the Church, to question the Church on the question of love and marriage between gays and between lesbians." He had furthermore boasted that he was "not afraid of a backlash."

A number of Catholic and nationalist websites and blogs called on Catholics to "respond with courtesy and firmness to the provocation." French Action called on people to help resist the demonstration, stating that "France is not a nightclub."

The police then advised the demonstration's organizers to change its location because of a possible clash between the homosexualists and the Catholics. The event was moved to Saint-Michel, nearby.

Some homosexualist demonstrators, however, decided to go ahead with their plan anyway.

But a group of roughly 200 young Catholics had gathered by the time the homosexualists decided to start kissing each other in front of Notre Dame. The group of Catholics started shouting at the demonstrators at which point the police stepped in between the two groups and moved the gay activists away from the church. A video (below)shows the Catholics, after moving the demonstrators away from Notre Dame, chanting "Habemus Papam!" – or “We have a pope.”

Similar kiss-ins by Catholic or Mormon places of worship have been performed successfully by homosexualists throughout the world.

The French poster of this video did not post it as a complement to the Catholic youth as his narritive shows:

Suite au kiss-in organisé à la Fontaine Saint Michel à 14h le dimanche 14 février 2010 pour la Saint Valentin où, hétérosexuels, homosexuels et bisexuels étaient conviés à venir s'embrasser pour faire passer en un si beau jour un message d'amour et de Tolérance ; et trente minutes plus tard, les quelques homosexuels qui sont passés devant le Parvis de Notre Dame de Paris, lieu prévu initialement pour ce kiss-in, se sont vus insultés et parfois frappés par quelques intégristes religieux sur une place publique et laïque ! C'est une honte, je rappelle que l'Homophobie est punie par la loi et que s'embrasser dans un lieu public n'est pas une provocation mais un simple droit inaliénable !

Vidéo dénonçant ces actes homophobes où les forces de l'ordre ont tenté de contenir cette haine comme ils ont pu en procédant à quelques arrestations.

Dans vos divers commentaires, n'oubliez pas que quelques intégristes haineux ne représentent pas l'entière partie d'une population. Je vous demanderai d'être le plus respectueux possible, quelque soit votre avis sur ces affrontements.

However try as he or she might the response was totally nonviolent, and not nearly as positively tolerant* as he (or she) portrays France to be in regards to homosexuality. The usual cliche' reference to homophobia is obligitorily thrown in.

The Church is always portrayed as the villian because it teaches the truth. And as on can see in the next post the truth hurts.

I am resolved to continue to hope for the Church in France, America and the world.


*Positive tolerance is that form of tolerance which accepts unnatural life styles as natural and equal to natural life styles. It is a symptom of liberalism.

Negative tolerance is charity towards those who practice unnatural life styles while praying for those who practice them. It is a symptom of a Christian soul.

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