Jewish mother, Catholic father, battle over faith of Child.

Catholic man charged with violating court order by taking daughter to church

A Catholic man could face prison after violating a temporary court order that forbade him from taking his toddler to Mass. Joesph Reyes of Chicago is in the midst of a bitter divorce suit with his estranged wife, Rebecca Shapiro, who is Jewish.

Shapiro was awarded custody of their three year old girl when the couple split and has raised the child in the Jewish faith. Reyes pleaded “not guilty” in a hearing on Tuesday.

The arraignment comes after Reyes had previously received a 30-day restraining order forbidding him from “exposing his daughter to any other religion that the Jewish religion” after he had his daughter baptized a Catholic and sent pictures of the occasion to his soon to be ex-wife.

In truth the only one being harmed is the child. The facts reveal that he called in the media to make a statement and video his taking her to church. This reflects a spiteful trangression on his part which he should have not done. Just as her having the wife ask the court to order him not to expose the child to the faith. Divorce is spiteful.

In an additional story it is revealed who the mother's father is. The Christian fathers defense fund reports that: his "wife is Rebecca Reyes (Shapiro), and her father is Howard Shapiro, who is an Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Playboy." Christian defense fund

You have to wonder what he was thinking at the time...

God help them all.


Incidently how did the baby get Baptised with out the mother's permission. What will the Catholic Diocese in Chicago say?

Once Baptized always Baptized, it cannot be undone. The child is now in union with Christ.

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