A juring episcopacy?

It seem the spirit of juring has not died out yet in France. If you look at the video, (Here) you will see many objects bearing the Sacred Heart including a tricolour, the modern French Royalist version. Can this be the answer why the chuch is to be closed down? The Bishop was booed from the pews and the altar boys walked off. The Bishop's Chausable was an insult as was rainbow coloured, he was told so by a parishoner.

The Catholic News and Comentary Report.

The diocese of Evreux is in Normandy, about mid way between Paris and the English Channel, and it has a glorious history. According to one legend St. Taurinus, the first bishop of Evreux, was baptized at Rome by St. Clement and sent into Gaul as a companion to St. Denis. St. Taurinus was held in high esteem at Evreux; and, Bishop Landulphus, who seems to have occupied the See of Evreux at the beginning of the seventh century, built the basilica there in his honor.

Where once the Church was robust and vibrant in this part of France, and every little town had a Catholic church at its center, now, many of those are either closed or gone – and as the statistics presented earlier testify, the decline is both dramatic and tragic. There is one exception, that of the small parish church in the town of Thiberville, where the parish priest, Fr. Francis Michel, has been offering the Traditional Latin Mass since the publication of the Holy Father’s Summorum Pontificum in 2007. Fr. Michel also offers the Novus Ordo Mass, but “facing toward the Lord.” The parish church is full for Sunday Masses, there are regular catechism classes, abundant altar boys, and the Church has been restored.

From all accounts, however, Fr. Michel’s “success” in ministering to his flock has become a thorn of contention to some of his confreres whose flocks have been picked clean by modernism. It appears that rather than emulate Fr. Michel’s successful approach to the Faith, it would be far easier to be rid of him.



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