Global warming in Washington!

...Some spots, including parts of Maryland, had nearly 3 feet of snow from the earlier storm. One scientist said if all that fell on the East Coast were melted, it would fill 12 million Olympic swimming pools or 30,000 Empire State buildings. Philadelphia and Washington each need about nine more inches to give the cities their snowiest winters since 1884, the first year records were kept....

When we have the hubris to think that we can effect global climate change God has a way of showing us He is still in charge of things.

Even in my part of North Carolina where it rarely snows they cleared out my road in a day. Of course we don't have a union DOT either.

From Les Femmes there is this which should make you smile if not laugh out loud.

Dieu le Roy!

Photo borrowed from Laura Ingraham and was taken this morning.

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