The banality and destruction of the English reformation

In an article on the Guild Chapel In Stratford, the past beauty of the Chapel is remembered in this article at Tudor stuff: Tudor history from the heart of England Find a short film by Simon Schama about the destruction of the artwork in another Church during the reformation, here.

See a virtual reconstruction of the Guild Chapel here.

In a far worse way Ordinaries are carrying out the same destruction of Churches. Check out this Kaaba in Williamsburg. If the desire was to fashion something which would fit in with the Williamsburg theme decor it was achieved here. The Holy Hubcap thing in the background is the church proper. The old St Bede's may be found here. Just can't leave well enough alone can we? BTW the priests are faithful to the magisterium as well as the bishop. When the older church was found to be too small it gave the "progressives" their opportunity to refrom the building. I hope we in the church never accept this. The Ordinary over Williamsburg is our Ordinary as well.

The new interior with the altar in the middle. It is theatre in the round.

The old altar in the old church.
I have attended mass in both.

What have they done?



Dymphna said...

I think that the next time I'm in Williamsburg I'll either go to the chapel or drive a little further down the road to the church in Norge.

Brantigny said...

The Tabernacle is in an unmarked room. In all actuality it would not take much to turn it into a Mosque