An American -- until told she wasn't

Just exactly what are the piorities of this Government? We can not have a War on Terrorism, but we can have a War on Obesity, we ship 86 year old men overseas for a war crimes trial in which no witness can be found to testify against him, yet we can't try KSM in Guantanimo we can't seem to deport the millions of illegal aliens including Obama's Aunt out of the United States but we have no trouble ordering a peaceful woman, a wife of an American Citizen and mother of another out of the country to which she was legally admitted in 1981. This is an obscene misuse of powere but is not unusual in this climate of "do what I say, not what I do." the Chicago Tribune writes...

Bulgarian-born Niles woman, bestowed U.S. citizenship in 1981, struggles against sea of bureaucratic red tape while worrying she could be deported

By Antonio Olivo, Tribune reporter

February 6, 2010
Angela Boneva always thought she was an American, never imagining that valued piece of her identity could be stripped away.

Because her father was born in Indiana, an American consulate in Bulgaria bestowed U.S. citizenship on Boneva when she was growing up there in 1981. It granted Boneva privileges unavailable to her Bulgarian friends, allowing her to visit relatives in Chicago and then to move to the area in 1997.

Boneva, now 34 and a married mother, settled into a quiet American lifestyle in Niles — until the day a letter arrived from the U.S. State Department, upending her world. In six indifferently worded paragraphs it said, in effect: There was a mistake. You're not an American.



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