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Some people like paintings, some people are gourmands, and some people like vintage cars. My obsession if miniature military figures (ok soldiers), while there are used in war gaming they are not toys. Being made of hard plastic, resin, or pewter once painted they are works of art. This article will not be of great interest to many people, however, I was excited this past weekend when my wife indulged me and accompanied me to Triangle Miniatures in Raleigh. I have mentioned before that I have been painting miniature figures for about 40 years. It has become somewhat of an addiction, and like someone with an addiction I occasionally need a fix. I got that fix on Saturday at triangle miniatures.

I have been used to mailing orders all over the United States, Canada and Britain so it was good to find a place close by (relatively) where I could go and browse through the pieces, like a woman going through dresses in Macy's, and imagine what the painted figure would look like.

Located in a suburb of Raleigh, it is not easy to find. We used a GPS and almost gave up, but it is well worth the trip. The shop is actually located behind the owner Buddy's home in a building of it's own. It is more like a house, with wall to wall carpet. The walls are lined with wooden bookcase cabinets. In each of these cabinets are hundred of thousand figures beautifully painted and mounted.

It is somewhat a source of pride in the war gaming community(I do not paint for war gaming, just therapy) to research the uniforms of the individual regiments, and leaders for what ever period one is painting. In order to do research, one has to have the resources. Buddy has shelves of books, in English, French, Polish, Italian, and Russian, on the uniforms of the period he covers.

I was very impressed.

My original plan was to purchase a company of Musketeers of the Guard and their mounts. I accomplished this, and now comes the research.

Triangle Minatures web site is found here...

Buddy Hoch
Triangle Miniatures
1816 Pictou Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27606 USA

Tel: (919) 851-7885
Fax: (919) 851-8890
E-mail: BuddyTriMin@aol.com

Vive le Roy!

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