Some Thoughts on the Holy Family

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter, a contributor to Durendal added his thoughts on a sermon delivered on the Holy Family.

"...At Mass yesterday, our priest asked a fitting rhetorical question during his sermon, that is worth reflecting on. He asked, "How is the example of the Holy Family applicable to us?" After all, our wives are not immaculately conceived maidens without the stain of original sin, our children are not God himself, etc. He opined that many might think "If my wife were as submissive as the Virgin Mary, then I would be able to love her as St. Joseph did".

This is, of course, a completely wrong attitude and father gave a good sermon on obedience. I would take a slightly different tack -- for the hypothetical comment from a man claiming he'd be a St. Joseph only if his wife were a Blessed Virgin Mary brings to mind a very good saying I heard once: "do not try to find the perfect spouse, but rather try yourself to be the perfect spouse" or words to that effect..."

Good advice.

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