Resolution for 2010

"...If these critics are right, then perhaps America should be despised. And who can dispute some of their particulars? This country did have a history of slavery and racism continues to exist. There is much in our culture that is vulgar and decadent. But the critics are wrong about America, because they are missing the big picture. In their indignation over the sins of America, they ignore what is unique and good about American civilization..."more...

Thanks Carlos and a tip of the beret.



Carlos said...

Thanks to you mon frère for the kind attention you always pay to my postings and musings.

I am working on the development of a new site (this time in English) for our area. This site will be Conservative, Christian (in a general way to include our Protestant brethren) pro-life, pro-family, pro-small business and hopefully it will bear much fruit.

As Jesus said: "Let us keep working while there's still light."

Brantigny said...

Protestant brethren! ugh...

Ecuminism+Syncronicity =Protestantism

Carlos said...

I am not a soldier of Ecumenism but I want them to come home and work for it. The time is ripe. Rome is at present the last moral referent in Christendom (another word that we may have to start using again.)

Our witness is important now so we can be in tune with Jesus' prayer of unity "I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me." (John 17:20-21)

Now that so many Protestants and Jews are coming to the Church we must clean the house to receive them. We must work for unity.

Of course, working for unity DOES NOT MEAN a "Kasper-ian" surrender... To welcome someone we don't have to give away the store.



Brantigny said...

That is conversion not ecuminism. A convert accepts all the Church teaches and says, an ecuminist says thet the church is to strict in it's teachings so lets tone it down. Ecuminism rarely reuslts in conversion. It alway results in a loss to the Church.

That is why I will always oppose ecuminism at our (yours and my) parish.

I have to agree with St louis on this one.


Brantigny said...

Sometimes Catholic

The North American Academy of Liturgy is meeting in Milwaukee this week and we’ll be there. NAAL began in 1973 with a meeting organized by two Jesuits, Frs. Walter Burghardt and John Gallen. It was officially founded in 1975 at Notre Dame, and the first meeting was at Loyola in Louisianna. Its ecumenical membership numbers somewhere around 500 members, a bit less than half are Roman Catholic.
Worship at the meetings is sometimes Christian,
sometimes interfaith in consideration of the Jewish, and now Muslim, members.

Goto the site to see the full article.


Carlos said...

Then, why was I accused of "ecumenism" (*) in the first place? Are so much better than me that you have been named my judge? What is wrong with bringing Protestants, Pagans, Sectarians, Schismatics or Atheists to Jesus in His Church? Of course they have to come in full accordance to the Magisterium and full Authority of Peter. If they don't it is not a conversion, it is not a return to the true home of every Christian. Unfortunately the "better than thou" attitude of some in the Church is a hindrance and a stumbling block. May Jesus receive you in His Kingdom with His loving arms open. Church comes from EKKLESIA, Greek word for "calling forth". In the Peace of Christ.

(*) To the best of my belief, that is the correct spelling, mon frère, à tout à l'heure and don't bother visiting the new site, it may be bad for your liver.

Brantigny said...

Wha Carlos, I have no problem with others coming into the Church. My wife Suzanne was infact a Baptist, her mother is still a Baptist yet I bring her into the church for mass and she has gladly come and even asked to come because of the kindness and love shown to her.

However, recently the parish had a communion service in the church sanctuary(!)which included the OTC sects administering their own communion and grape juice, even though their beliefs are wildly not the same on the Eucharist as the Catholic belief. The importance of their communion may still be seen, in that we still have the 'holy hubcaps" used for their service sitting in the social hall. They sit btw on top of the KOC chest.

I do not denegrate the desire to have all as one, but I do challange the desire by some in the Church to combine the faith in a mixture which is in opposition to the faith.

Am I old fashioned. Yes!

I was just writing a friend that the only thing which I can truly say that has been passed down to me from France other than the spelling of my name is, my Faith. It has endured incessant war, the plague, and a passage from europe to the new world in a wooden ship. these people struggled to live and yet found time to pass down the faith, It is incumbent of me to pass down the faith to my children and grandchildren.

It is not a better than thou attitude it is a firm belief.
My friend let us not argue. You know me personally do I seem like that kind of person? It is hypocritcal of me to not welcome them into the church but insist that they use our Church for faiths which daily prosthelytize our faith.

Let us not argue brother. It is unseemly.


Carlos said...

I am not arguing at all my friend. I am posting a question. Why did you assume that I was engaging in all of that baloney? I can only condemn those practices (like the one you report) in the strongest terms That is why I drive 4 hours to hear Mass like it should be and then 4 hours back. I am no Cardinal Kasper or Hans Kung and I take exception to people judging me in haste and bundling me with that ilk. Parrish will do what they will do and may the Lord forgive their ignorance. There are many there that think very highly of themselves but their faith is most obviously failing. The fruits, you have described them, they insult the Holy Sacraments with a mockery of Holy Communion, A GRAVE SIN that adds to other unholy practices. I shall say no more but I am sure you are not blind and have seen them.

Members of that parish have accused me of the most outrageous things. May God forgive them. The reason is only one ENVY and from that demonic quality no good fruit will ever come.

Please do not join them in putting me in the list of suspicious subjects. I am only guilty of being poor and Catholic. I am sorry I don't have a farm and a Cadillac to boost a short man complex, I don't need to carry a pistol to feel like a man and I certainly do not step in places that desecrate the Holy Catholic Liturgy.

I just wanted this to be clear so no one thinks that I am brown-nosing heretics somewhere. I paid a dear price to be Catholic and I am not a traitor to my Lord like some in your parish that voted for the Great Abortionist and believe in the "right to choose" (puke!)

I'll say no more.

Brantigny said...

Did I use the word baloney? If I did forgive me. Carlos I do not even know these calumies laid against you so how could I accuse you, let alone judge. I do not know any of this, perhaps you see my reply as an accusation.

Most of those in the parish consider me as a bit eccentric for being a monarchist.

I don't own a farm either. Fly planes, or look with disgust on any who does or does not.

We are all poor Catholics my friend and I for one do not have any right to call myself anything but a poor sinner. My statements in this blog reflect my opinion of ecuminism not your work to bring people to the faith. I think many people read my blog for the historical content and not the Religious of political views I espouse.

Be at peace I will stand by you.