A prolife family

If ever I should think I do enough for the prolife movement I will remember Tara and Greg Brelinsky. This couple are actively engaged the Kingdom of God on Earth. Below is a picture of their family in Washington last week for the "March for Life."
Tara home schools the children while Greg works long hours.

The boys used to serve Mass at our parish. In fact when ever these guys were at Mass I* never had to worry if we would have enough servers.

Tara and Greg are also Natural Family Planning Instructors.


*It is one of my ministries as the chairman of Christian formation...


Greg said...

Thanks for the kind words. Actually whenever we come to Mass, you WOULD have to worry if there was enough room iun the church to fit everyone....

Tara said...

Thank you, but when I compare myself to my fairest Mother Mary I find myself sorely lacking. I pray that through her Immaculate hands I might one day be delivered to the Kingdom of her Divine Son.

It is she that calls me to serve her Son in this pro-life movement and it is her that I constantly call out to when I'm weary.