NC public schools: Pro-life laws, like segregation, are examples of ‘oppressive government’

"...Any pre-born baby would gladly prefer a lifetime of sitting at the back of the bus over a trip to the abortionist..." Comment on the following article...

I found this on Catholic World News

January 27, 2010

New curricular guidelines drafted by North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction strongly encourage students to view pro-life legislation as an example of “oppressive government” akin to laws that permitted segregated public schools.

According to the department’s web site, all North Carolina public school students are required to take a course in civics and economics in order to graduate from high school. The draft of the revised civic and economics curriculum includes the following formative assessment prototype:

Using three Supreme Court Cases (e.g., Brown v Board, Roe v Wade, Korematsu v US) as support explain how the US Supreme Court has upheld rights against oppressive government? Brown v Board of Education of Topeka was the 1954 Supreme Court decision that struck down laws permitting segregated schools; Roe v Wade was the 1973 decision that struck down pro-life legislation across the nation.

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue, Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton, and Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson are all advocates of legalized abortion who were endorsed by NARAL (formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League).

My daughter teaches French, and Journalism in a NC Public School. A pro-Lifer like her Daddy she has taken a pro-life stance in school as a student in this school system and as a teacher in the same system. During her junior year she gave a Pro-life essay which the teacher didn't care for, and attempted to be-little her in front of her class. The student body made their convictions known including some who were in fact pro-abortion on the disgraceful way she was treated. Truly a daughter of the regiment, like all my children she speaks her mind.


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•Pro-Choice Voting Guide (NARAL Pro-Choice NC)

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