The Irish Tory speaks about the over regulation of our lives through an over minding legislature. His article refers to Britain, but it is the same in the United States...

Imagine how it would have been if adults always felt able to discipline wayward children in the street, if local policemen had existed at all and felt free to wallop miscreants.

Imagine if the place was full of experienced mothers, whose main task was to raise children, and hard-working fathers with real jobs.

Imagine disciplined children in orderly schools. Imagine pubs governed by strict opening hours.

...Both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ are frauds, they are the same controlled people, parroting the same clichés and debating the same ‘within limits’ subjects that they believe are safe to ‘debate’, just so us saps will think there is freedom in our countries, after all, we have parliamentary debates and disagreements! Yes, the acting is great! see more...

Well done and so true. Governments around the world have decided that the populace is too dumb to think for themselves, so therefore it is necessary to police people who do not care to be policed. Hubris should be a crime.


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