Class with a capital K

This is the second time I have placed an article on the class of the elite of this country. While never slow to point out any failing of anyone on the right they are given a pass or simply ignored when they make an ass out of themselves. Here is the latest, Maria Carey, in a drunken acceptance speech at the palm Spring Film festival. There is no nobility here, just crassness...

I am not against drinking, God knows it is cultural for my family, but this is sophomoric. There is nothing more immature than to drink irresponsibly and draw attention to oneself. Her half hearted attempt to deflect critism just reinforces my charecterization of her.

Unfortunately for us the world has come to not only expect this behaviour but to accept this behaviour. We watch with delight for the next "wardrobe malfunction", or next salacious "coming out". I tire of it.

The BBC America Channel had a feature during primetime about two women who wanted to start a brothel in London. They not only did so but were aided by Her Majesty's Government by police who ignored it's existance but also by the Exchequer even though it was listed as a brothel. Worse yet, the women were in their 60's. I may be a prude but what great wonder is it when no one goes to Church in England.

We have created a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

God save Us.


Carlos said...

This is not a comment really but I thought you'd like to see this one on the Telegraph:


I assume you understand French. My French is rather basic but I could get the gist... don't miss it. A priest kicked out of his parrish for having royalist sympathies. The Bishop himself says it if I understood it right ( see 2nd video)

Percival Devante said...

Indeed. It is a pity. Society is going straight to hell, Britain especially. We, a civilised people, must not tolerate this. We must mobilise again the horrors of 'modern society'. We must publicise every crass immorality, every gross injustice, every destruction of morality and class. But even this is not enough if we do not act against it deliberately and as a community. God help us.