Anti-Natural Law Approved in Catholic Portugal

Margaret C. Galitzin

The Parliament of Portugal approved a law to legalize same-sex “marriages” on Friday, January 8. The 123-99 vote moved the bill for a final review and signature by President Anibal Cavaco Silva in April.

So, Catholic Portugal, honored by the apparitions of Fatima, where church bells still ring on the hour in villages and stores close on Sunday, will join the small list of countries that have accepted same-sex marriage (Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, South Africa and Sweden as well as five States in our country). How did it happen?

It was only possible with the tacit collaboration of the Cardinal José Policarpo, Archbishop of Lisbon.

A pact of silence

Before the vote, Lisbon papers were reporting that Card. Policarpo had made a “pact of silence” with socialist Prime Minister José Socrates. According to news reports, in a private meeting with Socrates on October 20, the Cardinal would have agreed that the Church would not provoke any “holy war” on the issue or take any opposition to the streets. The latter was an indirect reference to the Cardinal Rouco Varella of Madrid who led a vigorous public campaign against the passage of a similar bill in Spain.

Qui tacet consentit...


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