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Ecumenism thoughts for the week.

A friend sent me a letter the other day. He was of course sad for Haiti. He was fearful that now that here was a disaster there, Evangelicals would flock there hoping to find a fertile ground for new converts, no matter that they are already mostly Catholic. This is a pity, this is called prostylization. This is of course forbidden by our religion. I ask myself why it is that filled by a misshapen desire to serve God they persist in "converting" Catholics.

If this offends some, it is the truth.


If you desire to donate to a charity, donate to a charity that is Catholic. There is little or no overhead, and no "cut" for the administrators. If you send a dollar mostly the entire dollar goes towards relief. The usual charitable dollar loses about 28% in transit. No matter how much I donate, I always have in the back of my mind that it is never enough. I can see God now asking me why I did not donate. What will I say? If we donate from our surplus what charity is that?

A new blog on the Blogroll!

I welcome Cor Jesu Sacratissimum to my blog roll. It is the compilation of two blogs, Roger, and Kim. In their words, "...We are Kim and Roger Buck and are, as we say, a married Catholic couple. We are also converts who once spent a great deal of time engaged in the New Age movement. Since our conversion, we have both studied religion at British and Irish universities. We hope these personal statements from each of us can give you a fuller sense of who we are..." coming out of the New Age is no easy job, I remember Fr Mitch Pacwa also once dabbled in the New Age, and now there are few who would challenge his zeal. Sometimes you have to see satan and realize who he is and what he is about...

Kim and Roger, Be Welcome in our house.


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