Abortion and Black Genocide

The “Final Solution,” was a euphemism for murder that started in the summer of 1941 and was believed to answer the “Jewish Question” and create an end to the Jews. The euphemism used now to kill African American's is called "Choice".

Meet Margaret Sanger in her own words...
Now let's see how Planned Parenthood is doing the Klans job...

Remember what the man-made-god said about abortion in the movie you just watched. Ask yourself if he is looking out for the United States and African-American community?


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Anonymous said...

Watch the 2 hour documentary which will show you exactly why Planned Parenthood needs to be defunded. The film is called: Maafa21Black Genocide in 21st Century America, and it is the most stunning and "offensive" look behind the racist and eugenic mentality that is today - the nation's largest targeter of African American babies in the USA- Planned Parenthood. Maafa21 will show you things that will leave you gasping and horrified. Original quotes and video of the founders of Planned Parenthood and their links to Hitler and the Nazis as well as their memberships in the American Eugenics Society. Get a copy of Maafa21 - see what all the talk is about here (clip) http://www.maafa21.com