Tea time!

Now here is a lovely gem of an article, posted by Percival, (being an exceptional name for an Englishman) at "Swell & Dandy Confessions of a Modern Victorian, Dandy & Traditionalist", on the proper brewing of tea. Now I must say at the beginning that I have a mother who is Irish as Maureen O'Hara. Now that my youngest has married an Englishman tea is getting more common when we visit or have a visit. Tea has been a household word since I can remember, ...but I for one couldn't brew a cup of tea and make it taste like tea to save myself. Thankfully now I have a recipe. So put the pot on the cooker, turnit oop hand get ye ha cuppa char...

"...As I sat in my great oak desk sipping afternoon tea before my computer, consciously aware that I am long overdue for an article, I pondered what I might write about. The small scrap of paper on which I had jotted down several ideas had evaded me, tucked someplace amongst the ghastly assortment of nonsense hiding in the drawers of my desk. As I took another sip of the amber-coloured tea I realised that the answer was just under my nose: tea.

Many people today struggle with the proper preparation of tea and even more haven't a notion of the age-old tradition of afternoon tea time. I thought it might be interesting and informative to explain these things along with a brief history of the tradition. Unfortunately I stumbled across the following quote when I was doing a bit of research on the history:

"Many Britons will never have taken afternoon tea, as the tradition is somewhat out-dated and largely reserved for aristocrats."

Badlerdash! That's a great load of poppycock if ever I saw one. All this modernisation rubbish has gone too far. If we're going to go so far as to do away with tea then the whole world be damned and let me off I've had enough. You'll have to exterminate every tea plant on this earth before you'll stop my family and I having tea. That being said, let's move on to that history I mentioned prior..."

Thanks and a tip of the beret to Percival Devante...

Jhesu+Marie et Joyeux Noël!

Incidently there is a recipe for everything. My mother sent us a recipe for boiling eggs. We had a fire in the kitchen when we burned the water.

Illustration borrowed from: Lady of Kincavel

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