President Medvedev Signed a Law Restricting the Advertising of Abortion

"...21 December 2009, President Dmitri Medvedev approved amendments to the federal law on advertising that aim at establishing additional restrictions on the advertising of medical services for abortion, the presidential press service said. The RF Gosduma passed the bill on 11 December and the Federation Council approved it on 16 December. The new law, in particular, prohibits the advertising of abortion to minors in printed publications, audio and video recording, on television and radio broadcasts, in films and video services of all types, on any public transport vehicle or public transport facilities. They cannot be posted in children’s services, schools, health resorts, health organisations, fitness and sports facilities, or at a distance closer than 100metres from them, as well as several other stipulated cases..." Inter-fax

Why would a US President never do this in this country? It is because this is not a Christian country, just a country with Christians.

Dieu le Roy.

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