News I am tired of hearing about.

Tiger Woods. I am tired of hearing about him and the dissection of his affair.

"Gay" Hollywood. It is "homosexual Hollywood" OK? I do not care. The news media has reported on every actress and actor in Hollywood who has decided to "come out." It causes me to wonder if anyone in Hollywood is not homosexual. Possibly that is the point of the media's attention. Why don't we just put a description under those in Hollywood who are homosexual by writing, "So and so", An openly homosexual actor(ess)." I never liked "Family Ties". I was not suprised.

The Whitehouse Party crashers. Arrest them or leave them alone. This administration can't control who comes into the Whitehouse and who doesn't . That is just another indication of the lacksidasial attitude that exists. The buck stops a the door of the guy in charge. The Secret Service says the President was never in danger... This idiot got right up to BO. Note to the Secret Service,... you don't have to shoot someone to kill them. Inmates get assaulted every day with plastic shanks and shives. If someone with a middle eastern name can get in a terrorist (oops) can. Then Joe Biden would have gotten to be president.

I don't want to hear about Britanny, Lyndsey, Paris, Perez, Hanna Montana or Madonna.

I don't want to hear what happened on the "View" or AU-Phra.

I am tired about hearing how many jobs Obama saved. ('cause he doesn't own a business).

God help me.

I feel better now.


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