Lullaby for the Dauphin.

Elena-Maria Vidal has posted this charming story about the Lost King. Sometimes those characters in history become just names and we forget that they lived and were all to very human...

...At three o'clock the new-born child was baptized in the chapel of Versailles by the Cardinal de Rohan, grand almoner. He was held at the font by Monsieur in the name of the emperor, by Madame Elisabeth in the name of the princess of Piedmont, and named Louis Joseph Xavier Francois. After the ceremony, the Comte de Vergennes, chief treasurer of the St. Esprit, brought him the cordon bleu; the Marquis de Segur, minister of war, the cross of St. Louis. A Te Deum succeeded the baptism, and in the evening there were fireworks on the Place d'Armes...

Dieu le Roy!
Dieu sauve le Roy!


elena maria vidal said...

Thank you for the link!

Brantigny said...

there is noneed for a thanks eerytime. I am happy to link to your blog. Your blog makes sense.


Matterhorn said...

A beautiful child.

Anonymous said...

For me, it's a heartbreaking story, knowing what the future held for this poor baby. He was ill and in constant pain for most of his short life. He died of bone tuberculosis after a long agony just before the Revolution. Unfortunately, he was also very mature for his age and well aware of his the physical deformity and imminent death. Several accounts suggest that he believed his parents (especially his mother) preferred his younger brother Louis Charles, who was a very beautiful and healthy little boy, a fact which added to his suffering.
Although my maternal grandfather belonged to the nobility, I could never understand the monarchists and I always wondered people were so happy when an heir to the throne was born. The birth of a prince was for many the happiest moment of their lives. I don't see how rational people can lose their heads for joy at the birth of an heir. People acted as if Our Saviour were born all over again. How can any human being think that the answer to all the ills of a country and the guarantee of a people's happiness is a newborn prince is beyond me. Of course the birth of a child is a tremendous joy for his family, but for the country at large and for the people, a newborn prince is in fact another unjustly privileged human being who will never earn his living . And one day he will get married, and the people will also keep his wife, her family, their children, and so on and so on....At least in a democracy if we don't like our leaders we know we can change them at the next election while the "royals" who are no better and in many cases much worse than you and me, will live off the people forever. And what amazes me is that people are still fawning over the royals when these people have done nothing to earn their position, they merely made the effort to be born, as Beaumarchais said. I don't believe the royals are special or in any way better than the rest of us, just because some of their ancestors managed to gain the upper hand in a power struggle some centuries ago.
My aristocratic grandfather couldn't care less about aristocracy and royalty. In fact he despised monarchy and the caste system it supported. When he was very young
he gave up his title and estate changed his name and moved to a foreign country, with no money and no possesions apart from his intelligence. In his adopted country he became a leading name in his profession and he is still remembered today for his professional achievements, for things he earned through hard work and ability. He told no one outside his family and closest friends about his origins. My mother also does not care about her aristicratic ancestors; on the other hand, she is extremely proud of her maternal ancestors, who were all very poor peasants who struggled to make ends meet. They were also good natured, kind hearted, loving and witty. Birth and social class mean nothing.

Brantigny said...

Birth and Social Class mean nothing? I think you may have ther wrong blog.

In this democracy Thomas jefferson, who wrote the infamous Declaration of Independence and Rights of Man, while he spoke or wrote did not believe that all men were created equal. That is a myth.

When an heir is born the people celibrate because it means that the ruler will have an unbroken chain, and that they will not be left without a King.

Democracy is not supported by any scripture I know. So one may well say that it violates the natural law.

Of the two votes taken in the bible, the first election voted for Barabbas and the second, a referendum, voted for the death of the Saviour. Both votes were applauded by satan.


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