"I am not alone!"

Ben D. Kennedy author and poet wrote last month about la Pucelle,s last victory, St. Pierre-le-Moutier at his blog Joan of Arc.

...“After the Maid and her soldiers had maintained the siege before the city for some time, an assault was ordered and made and all did their duty. But because of the great strength of the place, and also the great resistance made by those within, the French were forced to retreat. At this hour he who speaks, being wounded by an arrow in the heel, as such without crutches I could neither move nor sustain myself, saw that the Maid had remained behind with very few soldiers indeed. Fearing what might follow I mounted a horse, and hastily riding to her I asked her what she was doing there alone and why she had not retreated like the rest of the men. But the Maid, lifting the face guard of her helmet replied: ‘I am not alone! I have fifty thousand of my own company to fight with me and retreat I will not until I have taken this town..." More may be found here...


Le site officiel de la Mairie de Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier, cliquez ici...

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poetbdk said...


Glad you were able to use my post. This is one of my favorite quotes from Joan that echoes II Kings 6:16-17 and reminds us that God's unseen army is all around us.

Wednesday is St. Joan's birthday on the Ephiphany so please remind everyone to remember her. I have a special page set up for her birthday that explains the significance of her birth on the Epiphany.


Jesus Maria