Hope for the youth!

I found this article floating around today and I had to read it twice. How refreshing to find two young women who have it right. What is more refreshing is that these girls are from a real Catholic College, not an "I'm Ok your Ok..." University like Notre Dame who refused to honour their Faith by asking an abortion monger to speak at commencement. No this is the down to life Dominican run, Providence University in Rhode Island. This is a good read and gives me hope in the youth of the Church.

From their newsletter the Cowl...

What In the World Happened to Romance?
Two Sophomore Girls Speak Out About The Dating Scene at PC

"...By giving into this culture that pushes instant gratification at all costs and downplays feelings and emotions, you're not rebelling, standing out, empowering yourself, or making a difference. Instead, you're doing the complete opposite: you're pushing yourself into a corner, reprogramming yourself to repel love (yes, love, that nearly foreign word that seems to have joined the dinosaurs in the land of extinction), attempting to hardwire your emotions to an on and off switch. In the future, when you're ready to experience a real relationship, it will be a lot harder to turn on. Why sacrifice who you are, what you feel, and what you want? By saying no, you're standing out, you're making a difference, and all eyes will be on you...no more blending into the crowd of micro-minis, stilettos, over-the-top intoxication, and submissive attitudes. Why is everyone so scared of being the good girl?..." more...

Dieu le Roy!

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Glenn said...

Bonjour, mon Sieur Brantigny... Providence College is a great school from what I hear. Hopefully one day i'll get a degree from there. Chivalry and romance isn't entirely dead... some of us are trying to keep it alive. :)